Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechauns and Lost Teeth

This post will cover two very important topics...see title above.  My daughter lost her top tooth on Sunday which was a really big deal.  I was excited and horrified all at the same time.  Excited because she was so happy and she pulled it out herself without even telling us she was going to do it.  She just walked out of the bathroom with it in her hand, very proud of herself.  Horrified because now she looks like a big kid and she has a gaping hole in her mouth.  It's cute now, but I have always thought that kids with missing teeth look weird...and then their big teeth come in and they look like someone took a Chicklet and just stuck it there.  Granted, when it's your own kid, it's not as bad.  I've learned to not be grossed out by loose teeth and just last year if some other kid had come up to me and wiggled their tooth in front of me it would've given me the heebie jeebies.  I don't know why, it just did.  But when my kid does it, it's not as bad. 

Here she is showing off her new "window" in her mouth.

On to my next topic...Leprechauns.  My daughter informed me today that there has been a leprechaun visiting their classroom.  They haven't seen him, he just moves things when they aren't looking or hides stuff or makes a mess.  He's mysteriously similar to the gingerbread boy who visited their class near Christmas.  Anyway, she gets really into stuff like this, she has a really vivid imagination.  She claims to have seen the gingerbread  boy and even brought home a crumb of his from her classroom.  So, today being St. Patrick's Day she got all decked out in her green outfit (thanks to Aunt Bekah for buying her something green or I don't know what I'd have done).  Then she remembered that the leprechaun was going to visit them today and she needed to make a trap for him.  What?  Yes, because apparently the other kids have been bringing in homemade traps all week and no one has caught him yet.  I told her leprechauns are really sneaky so they probably won't catch him.  But if she doesn't make a trap then he will go in Sarah's trap and she will get to take him home!  O-kay, but remember, leprechauns are sneaky so she probably won't catch him.  But she put Lucky Charms in her trap to catch him!  Do I not see the urgentness of this situation?  No, I don't.  She gives me the look.  The "if you don't let me make a trap I will hold it against you for a least a week and you'll feel guilty about not being a good mom" look.  Okay, fine.  So I, the sucker that I am, go tearing through my house searching for a box to use for a "trap".   Geez, how big is a leprechaun anyway?  Apparently about the size of a mouse according to her.  She spent about an hour getting her trap ready.  And then she put some pennies in there to lure him in, after all, he is searching for his gold, right? 

I like how she's acting all nice in order to catch him.  Come on, get your gold, little guy...

She's so proud.  Hope she's not too disappointed when she doesn't catch him.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Go drink some green beer!  I mean, if you're into that sort of thing.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is adorable. This year was my first experience with that too. How creative Ava is! And the picture of her next to the box with her missing tooth is just precious. You'll be glad you recorded this for posterity. :-)

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