Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fill 'Er Up

It was sooo nice to finally get outside for a change yesterday.  The kids barely knew what to do first, they were so excited.  My son decided to get his truck out and take it for a drive.  But not before he filled it up with some gas. 
He's so cute when he does this.
He does all the steps.  Here he's picking the type of gas.
Gotta hit the button that makes the gas filling noise.
Then take a break and sit in your truck while it fills up.
And we're done.
Then it's time for a ride with your girl.  Okay, so she keeps saying that she's the mommy and he's the daddy because he's driving.  And he's adamant that "I not the daddy!!".

I just love this stage.  I think I say that at every stage of their lives, but seriously, I can't stand it sometimes with all the cuteness!

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