Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Found...Beaded Cocktail Ring

You know when you get something new and you just want to tell everyone about it?  Well, I've decided to blog about my fun little finds and share them with my loyal readers, whoever you might be.  Hopefully along the way you will be inspired by what I've "found" and get out there and find some new treasures of your own to brighten your day.  After all, nothing makes a girl feel better than finding something pretty that makes you feel great.  And even better if it happens to be a deal! 

My first "found" item is a beaded cocktail ring that I bought while vacationing in Delaware.  I found it in the gift shop of the Hotel Dupont (fabulous hotel, by the way).  I was actually looking for a little trinket of some sort to give to my mother as a thank you for babysitting our kids while we were out of town.  I did originally buy it for her, but then I decided to keep it for myself.  Don't worry, she knows...the women in my family have a habit of doing this for some reason!  The best part about this ring?  It only cost $5!

I could never be a hand model with those stubby fingers.  Oh well, you get the idea.

I'm still kicking myself for not buying more of these.  They had them in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

I tried to find it on the web, because it wouldn't be very nice of me to show off my fabulous finds without sharing with you a way to get one, but I couldn't find the exact thing.  If you are interested in something similar, try searching Etsy where you find some beautiful ones although they are not as cheap.  I'd love to hear about some of your exciting, unique finds as well!

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  1. You've always been great at accessorizing! It really is a cool ring!


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