Monday, March 1, 2010

"Take My Picture"

This is Jake.  He was my little buddy at the wedding rehearsal last weekend.  He was practicing to be the ring bearer.  I happened to be sitting in the pew behind him and when he spotted my camera he said "Take my picture."  And then he wanted to see what each one looked like.  I amused him for quite some time with this game.  I had about 50 photos of him making various faces.  I deleted most of them, but I kept a few because he is just so stinkin' cute!
 Look at those brown eyes.  Yeah, he wrapped me around his finger in about 5 seconds.
Okay, at one point, he reached his little hand over the pew and put it on my knee.  Then he said, "My hand is on your leg" with a little look in his eye.  Uh-oh, watch out for this one!
I love this pic!  That's his dad in the background.
Last one.  This little guy is just so sweet.  He's the same age as my son who I was missing, so he just stole my heart.

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