Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Future of Medicine

I was busy today after lunch with 5 kids at my house, which is actually a typical day, but while I was tending to the babies, I realized that there was some interesting play going on with the 3 year olds.  The girl I babysit announced that she was sick and needed to see a doctor and then promptly threw herself on the floor and played a very convincing patient.  So the boys put on their stethescopes and got right down to business. 

I love the way she is really getting into her 'sick' character.  She didn't crack a smile once during the whole examination.

Hmm...future doctor?  A momma can dream.

CPR to the shoulder?  Not sure about your medical future, buddy.

Checking for frogs in the ear, which is actually considered a good thing, if you're 3.  Gotta make sure they ribbit.  Nice healthy frogs living in there.

I'm happy to report that after a dose of pretend medicine she is fully healed.  Moments like these make me so grateful I can stay home and watch my kids interact with their little friends.  Too cute!

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