Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LA Trip Part 2 ~ Santa Monica Pier ~

On the morning of the wedding we got up with only one thing planned...a Starbucks run.  Gotta have my coffee or I get grouchy.  Some other good friends ours happened to arrive in the middle of the night and they decided to join us.  So off we went and since they only had one day before they had to fly back home, we were trying to think of something that we could do before the wedding which was in the early afternoon.  They, like us, really only had one objective - get to a beach.  Neither of them had seen the west coast before.  So we asked the Starbucks girl for directions to the highway and we held our breaths in hopes of not encountering any of the traffic that LA is so notorious for.  It paid off.  We got to the beach in no time and it was definitely worth it, even if we were only there for about 30 minutes.  It was 30 minutes of heaven. 

This is me and my man.  Look, we even still have our Starbucks in hand!
Remind me again why we don't move here?
The Pier.  My kids would love this place.
Taking a walk to the end of the pier and enjoying the view along the way.
Check out the beautiful colors of these birds.
Our east coast friends, they're still newlyweds.

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but I could look at these pictures all day.  The beach and ocean just make me feel so refreshed.  I wonder if it has the same effect if you live there all the time.  I mean, would I be happier?  Less stressed?  More relaxed?  More things to ponder while I look out the window at the bleakness of the winter snow.


  1. oh the beach. I so love the beach. my husband unfortunately, tolerates the beach. I say "Here's to tolerance baby!"~jen b.

  2. you would feel the same way if you lived nearby I think. After living 1/4 mile away for a few years a while back, the feeling was always there! :) And now I miss it desperately, but at least we are only an hour away.

  3. Ally, we are seriously thinking about moving...there's just so many things to factor in. Maybe I'll email you for some advice. Do you hate being so far from family? Or does the beautiful setting kinda make up for it?


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