Thursday, February 25, 2010

LA Trip Part 3 ~ West Coast Party ~

We've been to a lot of fun weddings.  And this was the last of our close group of friends to get married, so they had some pressure on them.  Let me tell you, they totally lived up to the expectations in more ways than one.  First, I'm just gonna post some pictures of the lovely wedding and then I'll get into details...

My man looking like a stud waiting to escort his bridesmaid.
The kiss!  It's official!  Okay, so they've already been married since October, but now it's really, really official.
Happy, beautiful couple.
Walking through the bubbles.  Loved her dress and hair!
Have I mentioned what a gorgeous couple they are!?
Posing for the paparrazi.

The wedding was beautiful, but the reception was a blast.  As we walked in for the cocktail hour we discovered that they had turned the place into a casino.  They had blackjack and roulette.  I've never really gambled and since it was fake money I was all for it!  They had a contest going that for every $100 chip you cashed in, you got a raffle ticket for a raffle later in the evening.  There was a snuggie up for raffle...I was on a mission.  At one point I had over $1000.  Go me!
They put all the cool kids at our table.  The ace of spades table.

You know how some people do a slide show at their wedding reception?  Well, they had one with all the requisite photos of them as kids and then them together.  But they went one step further.  How you say?  The last photo on their slide show (drum roll please) was an ultrasound picture.  Yep, they're having a baby!!  We all knew they wanted to have kids right away, and they weren't kiddin.  I am so incredibly happy for them!  We had been speculating all weekend long.  The bride confessed to me that she had to have her dress taken out a few days before the wedding and I thought that seemed a little out of the norm for her.  I mean most brides don't gain weight right before their wedding.  Then, of course, we were watching to see if she drank any alcohol and I can say that none touched her lips the entire weekend.  So, while it wasn't a complete shocker, it was still the cutest way to tell everyone. 

Mr. and Mrs. or should I say Mommy and Daddy.

After that, the party got started.  The Filipino's really know how to party.  I felt like I was at a club.  They even threw out little glow bracelets.  So, I apologize to anyone whose photo you're about to see, but these pictures just make me laugh so much that I couldn't not share them with the world (or at least my tiny corner of the cyber world). 

A perk of being the one holding the incriminating photos of myself!
Just a shot of the beautiful view from the reception site.

While I'm glad that all of our friends are finally married, it's kinda bittersweet.  We all live scattered throughout the country so it seems the only time we all get together is for weddings.  The men have all vowed that we will make a point to get together once a year anyway, so we'll see.  They already made some sort of schedule even.  Can't wait to meet up again, guys!

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