Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When Babies Attack

Pinky:  "What is this strange creature encroaching on my territory?!  I must stop it immediately!"
Pinky:  "Hmmm...what is that delicious smell?  I must hold on to this!"
Polka Dot:  "Mmwa Ha Ha!  She is falling into my trap perfectly!"
Polka Dot:  "That's it, I almost have her.  She will soon be in my clutches forever."
Polka Dot:  "Oh no, my overwhelming urge to clap is taking over!  No!"
Pinky:  "I must get that paci, quick while she is distracted trying to copy my thumbsucking!  My plan is working!"
Pinky:  "Wait, what just happened?"  Polka Dot:  "I have no idea, but it was fun.  Let's clap."


  1. you have too much time on your hands there babysitter extraordinaire!!! jen

  2. Oh my word! Too funny!! I love the pictures and I loooovvve the commentary :)

  3. I love it! I love watching them interact. Great story line. Great pictures, too!


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