Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 36 ~

I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to post my Photo Friday!  I was working on tagging clothes and toys for the Mother's Exchange Sale that I do twice a year.  It's fun and I make a decent amount of money, but it is a lot of work.  I think this might be my last sale.  I've been saying that for the past year though, so we'll see...  I didn't take any photos this week until yesterday when I snapped just a couple while the kids were eating a snack before we headed out to our last day at the pool.  I am so sad that summer is ending.  I love summer.  I'm a hot weather, summer, swimming kind of person.  I do love fall with the cool breezes and the cozy sweaters and the settling into a routine...but that will never replace summer for me as my favorite time of year.  It's no wonder I'd love to live in Florida. :)   Here are my favorites this week.  Nothing too exciting.  Just a couple pics of my boy.  He's about to turn 6 and I can hardly believe it!

He is too cute!  I'm not biased at all.

Love this too...they are almost the same, snapped within seconds of each other, but I like them both.  His smile is a little unsure here, but I like the light behind him and I think this is a really good representation of his hair color.  I find that in photos it looks way more red than it does in real life.  It's almost blond (insert me crying here about losing his gorgeous red hair).  I never thought I'd be sad about not having a red headed child...

Have a great weekend!  At least what's left of it!

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