Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 38 ~

I took some photos of my son on the day of his birthday party, and they weren't anything spectacular.  It was the typical, "Stand here and let me take a picture really quick." type of thing where he kept moving and wouldn't look at me and was generally uninterested in having his picture taken.  Sound familiar to anyone?  I did get some cute facial expressions but I was underwhelmed at them in general.  So I thought I would try some creative cropping again.  Nothing too crazy, but I did veer from my traditional 5x7 crop for a few.  :)  Here are my favorites.

This is my absolute favorite!  I tried a square crop (a nod to instagram, which I don't have since I have a Blackberry and not an iPhone).  I really love it!  I think I need to use the square crop more often.  It's hard to tell since his eyebrows are so light, but he actually can raise just one brow and it's so cute.

My traditional type of crop.

Another square crop and another silly expression.  :)

I used to love this type of crop where you crop off the top of the head and it really helps you zero in on the eyes.  I've gotten away from it and I'm going to remind myself to use it more because I really like it.

His mean eyebrows.  He's so expressive with his face.  Too bad I didn't get any smiles this time, but I like to remember all his adorable faces.

Have a great weekend!  

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