Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 37 ~

This was our first 'normal' week of school.  We started our co-op this week.  This is a group of about 100 homeschooling families who get together on Mondays at a large local church and they offer all types of classes for preschool through 12th grade students.  I honestly wasn't sure about the whole thing, but you know how people worry about your children's 'socialization' when they are homeschooled, so I decided it would be good for the kids to get out and interact with other kids (although they get plenty of socialization everyday with the neighborhood kids and all throughout the week at church and lessons, etc...don't get me started...).  I was worried that I may have overcommitted myself and the kids with having to do these classes on top of their Ohio Virtual Academy classes, but I figured out how to rearrange our online classes in a way that makes more sense for us and we are able to count their co-op classes toward their regular school hours so I think it's actually going to work out fine.  The kids loved it.  My daughter went on and on about how awesome her teachers were and how fun the classes were.  She even loved her math class called Math-U-Do which incorporates everyday math in a fun way.  I'm hoping it will change her perspective on math a little bit after last year's disaster of a math class at her public school.  They can't wait to go back next week.  I'm even teaching a first and second grade art class and I think it went pretty well.  I get a couple of hours of free time too when I'm not teaching and I'm looking forward to chatting with friends and getting a little reading done during that time.  Also this week was my son's 6th birthday!  We had a lot of fun that day and are looking forward to his party this weekend.  Oh, and I signed my son up for Boy Scouts last night so he is looking forward to hanging out with one of his buddies from his school last year and I'm interested to see how we like it.  I've heard so much good and bad about scouts that I honestly have no idea what to expect...I just hope he likes it. 

That brings me to this week's pictures.  I took some pictures of the kids on my son's birthday and they turned out even better than I initially thought.  Sometimes when I first look through my pictures I tend to be overly critical, but then after a couple days when I look at them again and I see things I didn't see the first time.  I'm always surprised when I look back and find old pictures and wonder why I missed that certain one and never edited it or posted it.  

When I first looked at this picture I dismissed it since I didn't really like the composition and I thought it was kinda boring.  After a quick crop and a little edit, I actually love it!  Her eyes look so pretty and I love her little Mona Lisa smile she does.

 I shared this already, but it's one of my favorites from this week so I'm sharing it again. :)  

I love the light in this picture and the tree in the background with the beautiful bokeh.

My crazy girl being a ham.  I'm glad I've got happy kids!

I love the pop of the red flower on her shirt.  And of course I love her sweet smile!

We're looking forward to a party weekend!  Hope your weekend is fun too!

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  1. If you have any questions Shawn about scouts just let me know. I am sure he will like it!



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