Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 39 ~

Things are pretty boring around here today.  My husband went to Vegas for the weekend and it's always kinda quiet around here without him.  The only thing I like about when he leaves is that I don't have to watch football. :)  But other than that the kids and I miss him like crazy!  This week my son has really started picking up reading and starting to like it more and that makes me so happy.  I love reading so it was really hard having a kid who wasn't really into it.  I'm hoping this is a turning point though.  I even went to a new book club meeting last night with some friends.  I love book clubs...I totally wish I would've discovered them when I was younger.  I might sign my girl up for the Magic Tree House book club at the library so she can see what it's like.  As far as photos for this week, I thought I hadn't taken any so I took some of the kids while they were having recess today only to discover when downloading them that I had taken a bunch of my niece the other day and completely forgotten about them.  So I have a bunch today.  Here are my favorites!

My girl was prank calling me from our home phone to my cell phone today.  I don't have the heart to tell her my cell phone has caller i.d. :)  She was pretty convincing pretending to be Ages (pronounced like Agnes without the n) and then calling pretending to be Mrs. Robertson, Ages' mom.  She even dressed up as Mrs. Robertson and remained in character the whole time I talked to her.  She had on one of my dresses and my heels and put on lipstick.  She's a fun girl to have around, that's for sure!

My boy.  He loves his new cozy jacket he got from Grandmama.  He's looking so grown up these days!

Our neighbor's tree.  My daughter's new favorite place to climb around.

Here they are both jumping out of the tree.  It's much higher than it looks in the photos. Where my daughter is sitting is above my head when I'm standing.

Had to take a picture of her interesting clothing choices today.  Earmuffs with flip flops?  Just for the record it's about 60 degrees out today.

Our garage doors are the perfect color to make eyes pop.

I love this kid.

Our tree in our front yard turns to the most amazing red every year in the fall.  It's mostly green right now, but there are a few red ones popping out already.

This is my niece.  She is wearing a dress that my mom wore when she was a toddler.  So, yes, it's an antique. :)  Somehow we completely forgot to get a picture of my daughter in it.

She looks like a kewpie doll in this one!  So cute.  My mom almost waited too long to put her in could almost see her panties. :)  I love her chubby legs.  My mom always says she's built just like me...poor girl...she's gonna hate those thighs someday!  They're still cute for now though!

Have a great weekend!

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