Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 48 ~

This morning when I realized that I didn't have any Photo Friday worthy photos from this week I knew right away what I wanted to do.  You see, I've been meaning to take some pictures of my son to match these that I took of my daughter for a different Photo Friday post.  So, I bribed my baby with watching some kid shows if he let me take his picture upstairs for five minutes.  He wanted to watch "100 of kid shows", but I got him down to 2.  I told him he's going to turn into a potato, and he says "then you can eat me!".  Anyway, I love these pictures of him.  He's such a little ham.

I just gave him a haircut the other day and cut it too short...again.  I seem to only be able to cute hair one length for some reason.  But I still think it's cute, he just looks so much older when it's shorter!

Oh, that one on the top left...killing me with cuteness.  And the wink?  So adorable.  

I love this kid.  I have so much fun spending my days with him.  He's definitely a momma's boy and I love it.

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