Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Details

Some of my favorite things about Christmas are really just little details, but it doesn't quite feel like Christmas without them.  I thought it would be fun to do a quick post about them.  I really don't get in the Christmas spirit until we get our tree up.  Not just up, but decorated.  As much as I hate the chaos that goes along with getting out all the boxes of decorations, I really love pulling out things that I had completely forgotten about from the year before.  My favorites are the ornaments.  I have a few that I just love.  Like the kissing fish that we got on our honeymoon.  They have their own special little box and I always hang them first right in the center of the tree at eye level.  We were talking this year about how we can't imagine how we'll feel when we pull them out on our 50 or 60th Christmas together!  I'm so glad we bought them!   That ball on the right is actually really big, but you can't tell in the picture.  We got it when we visited Hearst Castle in California a couple years ago.  I'm a big fan of getting ornaments as souvenirs.  It's so fun to hang them on the tree and reminisce about a fun trip we've taken.  The fire truck is my son's that his Grandmama gave him and he has to move it to a new spot on the tree almost daily.  He loves it.  I kinda feel bad letting him touch it, but he's super careful with it because he knows it's special.  It's so cute to watch him.  That other ball is a new one I just got this year at the Crafty Supermarket in Clifton.  I found the etsy shop for the vendor I got it from, but it looks like she's taking some time off right now.  I love it though!  It's just so unique.  It's made from felted wool.

More favorites.  One of my mom's old seventies angels, an ornament in the shape of the hotel where we had our wedding reception...bittersweet since it went out of business, one of my son's other favorites, and one of the many new ones that show up from time to time thanks to my little artist in the house.

A new thing I did this year (I got the idea from another blogger and modified it) was make a garland from all of our Christmas cards that we receive.  I usually don't really know what to do with all of them and this is the perfect way to display them.  I actually ran out of room on our banister and started another one from a curtain rod in our kitchen.  I also love my Christmas wreath that my mom made for me.  I went to Michael's last year and bought all the stuff and then had her wire it on for me and make the bow.  She is great at bows...seriously, she's like an expert.  People will ask her to make bows for their daughter's weddings.  And that reindeer is from a cousin of mine.  I just love it.  It is seriously one of my all time favorite Christmas decorations.  She needs to start her own etsy shop, because she makes the most amazing crafts.  I am surrounded by crafty and artsy people on both sides of my family.  It's kinda nice.

So, what's getting you in the Christmas spirit?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Our christmas wreath is something that we made our first christmas as a married couple. It needs a new bow and probably new "stuff" but I like it too much. It's now 15 years old. And the nativity set we have is one that brett bought for me over a series of Christmases. Merry Christmas Friend! jen

  2. Love this post...it is the details that make each person's Christmas unique to them. We got married at the start of the Christmas season and gave away personalized ornaments as our wedding favors. I love putting those on the tree! (You may still have one, too!)


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