Monday, December 6, 2010

Minis ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I just wanted to post a few more pictures from my Christmas mini sessions that I did a few weeks ago.  These are quick sessions where you just get a few pictures on a CD to print on your own (usually people do this for their Christmas card photo).  They are quick, fun photo shoots that are great for people who are busy or on a budget.  I decided to combine two families into this post since I don't have a ton of pictures to share.  And both of these families showed up in black so they kinda coordinate!  This first family was sweet enough to come out early on a Saturday morning before the youngest one's birthday party.  They were so easy I couldn't believe it.  All of their kids are incredibly cute and so easy going.

What a cute family!

I love the golden tones that the sun light gave these.

This next family is all grown ups, so talk about easy.  These people are all friends of ours who we met because of my husband's weekly poker game at our house.  It's amazing the friends we've met because of that!  My daughter was even the flower girl at the one couple's wedding.  The two guys are brothers and their wives (well, one is still a fiance) are best friends.  How perfect is that?

They clean up nice!

Oh my gosh, so cute, I wish I had a pic of my parents like this.

Okay, now I feel totally pressured to have a good Christmas card photo of my own family!  Kinda hard when you are usually the one taking the photos and not the one in them.

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