Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowball Fight!

On a Saturday morning when snow has fallen and your children are suited up like that little kid in A Christmas Story, what do you do?  Declare war...

Preparing to strike.

His foe cackles with glee at the thought of battle.

An ally joins the ranks.

They circle preparing to attack.

She goes in for the kill...oh no, he ducked just in time!

Her ally storms in ready for attack.

A vicious battle ensues.

The troops break for refueling. does it taste?  Cold.

She spies on the enemy from afar, her body poised for action.


The pictures following this brutal attack are of such a graphic nature that I cannot share them.  A truce was called after both parties were able to get a clear shot to the face.  It was battle not soon forgotten.

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