Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 50 ~

This post is super late because my daughter came down with a stomach bug today.  No fun.  I've been spending some quality time with my bathroom and realizing how much I absolutely hate it and I need to re-do it.  It will be top of my list of things to do next year.  Okay, back to this week.  My son had his preschool play (totally adorable) and I let my daughter skip school to see it.  Santa showed up which saved my butt since my daughter has been asking to see him for a while so she could give him her list.  We had a snow day and lazed around in our jammies and drank hot chocolate.  We've been watching a Christmas movie or show every night together as a family and I love it.  And we've had a fire in the fire place almost every night.  The little things like that are the only things helping me to stay sane while I freeze my tush off in this horrible weather.  I really hate cold weather.  This is the time of year I start longing for my beach vacation.  Only five more months to go!  Here are this week's photos.

Leading the line of kids into the sanctuary for the preschool play.  Seriously, could he be any cuter?!

I love the expression on her face.  She was really pondering what to ask for.  She has a huge list that she made at home.  What did she ask Santa for?  Books.  

It was pajama day at her school today and they had their Christmas party, and she had to miss it because I had to come get her.  She was so sad.  I let her watch a movie and drink hot chocolate which kinda helped make up for it.  I tried taking her picture and she was hiding her face and wanted me to take pictures of her butt.  Yep, that's my girl...  The one on the left had her foot in front of her face, but I kinda like the white glow it gave the picture.  

This is just a random picture I snapped of him this afternoon playing with some trucks.  I really love the unique angle of his face and that little thing he always does with his lips.

I've got my fingers crossed and I'm praying like crazy that the rest of us don't get sick.  Hopefully next week will be full of Christmas fun if we are up for it!


  1. Okay, have really stinking cute KIDS!!!!!!!! they are so freakin' adorable! Love that Ava asked for books!!!

  2. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! Do you use natural light or does your camera have a flash on it? They look "large format" with all that lovely detail.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better. Yogurt always helps me when I get digestive upset.

    If you want her to keep quiet, I wonder if you might see what she thinks of Club Pony Pals.

    For the holiday we are offering a printable gift certificate for a free virtual pony at

    There is a press release about what we are doing at

    Thanks for sharing about your life, I enjoy reading about what you are doing.

  3. Thanks, Jane. I use natural light for all of my photos. Although I will be using a flash for a wedding I'm shooting on New Years Eve, so we'll see how that goes!


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