Friday, December 24, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 51 ~

It's Christmas Eve!  I can't believe it.  My kids are super excited and I'm about to go bake some cookies for our Christmas get together at my grandparents house later.  Santa is coming tonight!  I love that my kids are really getting into the magic of it all this year.  It makes it so fun to see their eyes light up with joy and wonder.  It's contagious.  Yesterday I took them to see Santa at the museum and we had so much fun running around and exploring.  We also went to Krohn Conservatory to see the nativity and I don't think I've ever taken my kids there before and they loved it.  Seriously, I had no idea they would like it so much.  It helped that they had a train display for Christmas and some girls playing violins.  My daughter just sat and watched the violins and my son just stood there dumbfounded watching this giant spinning train display.  I think they could've stayed there for hours.  Well, I need to wrap this post up and get on with my day, so here you go...

I love that this looks like a painting.  This was the nicest Santa ever.  Look how she's checking out his beard. She thought his beard looked a little short, so I told her he probably got some food in it and had to trim it.  This totally reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street.

I love how Santa is leaning over to listen to him tell what he wants for Christmas.

My sweet girl just taking it all in.

Extreme closeup!  This is her super excited face.  We've been seeing a lot of it lately.

He was mesmerized by the trains.

My sweet girl amidst the poinsettias.

I love this picture.  And I love this boy.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve!

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