Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Favorite Book

The other day my daughter came to me with some blank printer paper and asked me to glue them together so she could make a book.  I told her I thought stapling them would work better and proceeded to staple them...the wrong way.  Who knew that the only correct way to staple a book is the same exact way that her kindergarten teacher does it?  After correctly stapling the book (rolling my eyes) she ran off to write me a book.  She says she wants to be an author and an illustrator when she grows up and she very well may have a future in that.  Every couple of pages she would bring it to me to show me.  I felt like her editor.  I would appropriately ooh and ahh and send her off to finish.  After she was was done I made her color in the pictures because I am so saving this book forever.  Check it out.  I'm adding captions to the bottom in case you aren't used to reading little kid writing.

This is the front of the book.
"My Mom and my Dad and brother and me!"

I just love how tall and thin I look in this picture, especially since I know what is coming.

"Dad goes to work.  Mom cooks."  I like my chef hat.  Yeah, I wear one in real life.  Just kidding.

"My brother, Dean, plays.  I pick flowers!  That's me!"  I'm not sure why her brother looks like a dog here.  I think she's trying to show how he runs around playing with his cars, which I guess is kinda like that if he were wearing a green jumpsuit.

"My friend, Marley, has a playdate with me.  We ride our bikes."  Marley has never been to our house, but apparently my daughter would like me to invite her. 

"I color a picture.  (My hair is in my face!)  Mom is on the computer."  Um, I think she might be trying to tell me something about the size of my butt here.  Children are so brutally honest.  Now I'm going to have a complex anytime I sit down in that chair!

"Dad is watching TV.  We all go to church."  Our church has a round stained glass window kinda like that. 

"Me and my brother eat lunch.  Yummy, yummy.  I go to the bathroom."  I like how she doesn't leave out the mundain things in life like going to the bathroom.  Other authors might not think that it's an important thing to write about, but not my baby.

I just love this one, so I had to throw in a closeup of it.  Check out my long arms and their forks.  And we have such good manners!

"I go outside in my yard and play!!!!!  We eat dinner.  Yummy, yummy."

"We all go to bed.  Ahhhhhh.  The End."


  1. That is a keeper! Very sweet!

  2. The first grade teacher in me loves that book! (And, wants her in my class next year!)

  3. Love the book!!! Kyra wants to be an author and an artist as well... And she is also fascinated by the round stained glass window at church. She's drawn it sevearl time... Jen

  4. Ummmm...LOVE THAT! TOO CUTE!

  5. This is AWESOME! Keep it FOREVER!


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