Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boys Will be Boys

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately.  It's just that I've been trying to get my business up and going so I spent a lot of time putting together a page on Facebook to showcase my portfolio.  Feel free to click here and check it out if you haven't seen it already.  Now that I've got that set up I feel better and it's been beautiful outside so I've been spending most of my time outside with the kids and trying to work on my tan since we are going to Florida soon!  Can't wait!  I was going through my photos from last week trying to think of something to write about and found these cute ones of my son.

These are so him.  We were outside and the first one is him saying "Mommy, I hear a fire truck!".  He has supersonic ears when it comes to sirens.  I swear he can hear them miles away.  We do live kinda close to a fire station, so we hear them pretty often...at least he does.  If it weren't for him I'd probably never notice them.  When he hears a siren he gets really still and stiffens his body to listen.  It's so cute. He's like a dog perking up his ears or something.  The middle picture is just him listening and thinking about it.  He usually talks about all the vehicles that have sirens at this point...like he'll say it's a fire truck, police car or ambulance.  He's really pondering it.  The last one is just him cheesing for me.  I love that kid.  I never thought I'd appreciate all the little things that go into making a little boy, like their insatiable love for cars and trains and fire trucks, or their ability to get dirty in any situation, or their never ending energy, but I truly do love it.  Before I had a boy I really didn't get it and now I do.

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