Saturday, May 31, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 22

This week was so busy and full of fun with friends that I completely forgot to do my Photo Friday post yesterday!  My girl had 2 sleepovers with her 2 besties and they had so much fun.  We spent lots of time hanging on the beach with our friends as well, which is always a good thing in my opinion.  We went to Ft. Desoto where the kids got to explore the fort as well as have a picnic and play at the beach.  There was a fun little inlet/lagoon that they played in and caught little crabs.  We could barely get the kids to leave they loved it so much!  I got caught in two major downpours this week, so I guess the daily rains are back.  I don't really mind and I actually kinda like watching the crazy monsoon like rain we get long as I don't get caught outside in it!  All in all it was a fabulous week and it was so wonderful having friends here!  Who wants to visit next??  Hmm??  I took a bunch of photos with my phone, but not so many with my real camera.  I still have a few to share though.  Here are my favorites of the week.

My girl with her buddies.  They are so funny together.  Totally reminds me of me and their mom when we were kids.  I love that.

An iphone shot.  Where our friends were staying there was this pier and it was so perfect for photos!  The kids loved climbing on it too.

This is my friend's gorgeous oldest daughter.  I was totally obsessed with her perfect beach hair this week.  Why can't my hair look like that?!  I took photos of all six of her kids and I'll try to share some in a different post because I haven't had time to edit them yet.

Hope you have a great weekend!  Might head to the beach...nope, not sick of it yet...not ever. :)

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