Friday, May 16, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Weeks 19 & 20

I missed a week posting my Photo Friday because we went to Panama City Beach last weekend.  I know, we live at the beach, but we went to a different beach for vacation...weird, right?  Well, we go there every year and I booked our condo before I even knew we'd be moving to Florida.  Then when the time came around to decide if we should go or cancel we decided to go anyway because my mom and my grandpa were going to be there and we really wanted to see them.  This was also before my mom bought a house here and we realized she'd be coming and bringing my grandpa here one week later.  I thought about cancelling a bunch of times, but the kids had their hearts set on going, and we needed a little getaway so we decided to just go.  One thing I really like about going to the beach while also living near a beach is that we didn't have the same pressure to get it all in.  Like, "We must go to the beach every day from sunup to sundown because we won't be here again for an entire year!"  That feeling never happened!  It was kinda nice.  Much more relaxing.  Plus we didn't have to drive to the beach with all of our stuff, it was just right outside our door.  We probably won't be taking that trip again in the future, but I'm glad we did it one last time.  I wanted to do a photo shoot with my kids while we were there and they were pretty cooperative (some bribery helped!) and I got a bunch that I love.  I also did a photo shoot with my daughter the week before at Clearwater Beach for her 10 year photos.  So, I have favorites from both weeks to share.  I actually have tons more from both sessions but I think I will do a separate post because otherwise it would be photo overload for sure!

I posted a couple of favorites from this shoot to Facebook already, but I love this too.  I love this dress!  I like that the Clearwater pics look so different from the Panama City Beach ones.  They are really different beaches.  Clearwater has the sand dunes and the lifeguard chairs that I love.

She was in a much more serious mood this day.  I love that she is wearing my necklace from when I was a little girl.  So vintage now!

The next beach where I got shots of both of them.  Love his toothless grin!

This was one of the last shots I took that night and you can tell because her hair had gotten so windblown.  I actually love it though.

I spent a lot of time during the shoot trying to get them to stop being so silly.  Then the silly shots end up being my favorites.  Figures, right?!

They are so cheesy!

From the beginning before the windblown look.  My pretty girl.

Totally in love with this shot of my boy!  He's always in action so this is appropriate.  :)

I will share more when I have time!  My mom's coming this weekend and then one of my dearest friends from Ohio is coming the next!  Yay!

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