Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 9

This week I took my camera with me to the kids' weekly golf lessons.  Yet another reason to love Florida is that you can golf year round!  They go every Saturday morning to the Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf Club which is an awesome place.  They attend The First Tee program which is just amazing for kids.  They teach not only the game of golf but also values along with it.  They have volunteers who help out each week and there are so many of them that each kid practically gets their own private coach.  My son has always loved golf, but my daughter has especially embraced the game since attending.  So much so that she now aspires to be on the LPGA tour when she grows up!  If you would have told me years ago that I would enjoy spending my Saturdays hanging out watching my kids play golf I would have never believed it.  I really do enjoy it though.  It's relaxing and fun and I love watching them focus with such concentration on their shots.  I need to improve my sports photography for sure, and I'm really starting to want a zoom lens to help me out.  Maybe someday...  For now, I've at least got some documentation of them for those future commercials when they are both famous golfers. :)  A mom can dream, right?

She's usually all decked out in pink for golf, but I love this shirt and always tell her it looks like a golf shirt so she wore it for me.  She's not only into the game of golf, but also the fashion side of golf which I think is so fun!  I need to try to find her some really cute outfits.

This past week the coaches had set up a mini course for them to play and they had to keep their own scores for the first time.  They use these velcro balls that stick to the 'hole' which is like a little pillar they hit to on some of the shots.

So cute!  I just love watching her golf.

My little lefty.  This was his favorite hole where they had to pitch it in from this little hill.

Nice swing!  He really does have a very good golf swing.  People ask us about it all the time.  He's been golfing since he could walk and the coaches have helped tweak it a bit, but he really does have a natural gift.  I'm going to try to take a video next time to post.  I keep trying, but they just aren't turning out well...I need to practice.

Pretty girl.  She's been very formal with her posing lately...I think we are out of practice. I'm going to take her out for a beach photo shoot soon since I finally found a dress I love.  I can't wait!

I took this shot right by the driving range of these awesome flowers.  Don't they look fake?  I love how they are multicolored like that!  So pretty!

Have a great weekend!  Anyone else headed out to the golf course?

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