Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lego Masters

The kids have been really into their Lego building lately.  We got a book from the library called "Cool Cities" which shows inspiration photos on how to build your own designs and they were definitely inspired.  One example showed a building with an elevator that really worked and my son was determined to build one.  He tends to be more of a stick to the plan type of builder so he was discouraged when he ran out of white bricks because he wanted the whole building to match.  He said his sister and I could finish it since he didn't want it anymore (I knew he'd still want it when it was done!) so we added the last couple of floors, and as predicted, he still wanted to play with it and helped out to finish it.  It turned out so awesome!  They added a park and a road and furnishings and it is seriously the one of the coolest things they have ever built.  I took some pictures and even since I took these they have added another skinny building next to the big one complete with a rooftop deck and more cars and people too.  I counted this as homeschool science class because we learned about pulleys and all kinds of stuff while building.  They even learned about teamwork and perseverance.  I love it when we have days where they can immerse themselves in something without interruption.  Here are some pictures!

 So proud of their creation!  My master builders.  :)

Close up.  Notice the elevator shaft.  You just turn that wheel on the roof and it lowers it up and down to each floor.

My son built the soda machine.  He was super excited about it.  He really wants a Coke sticker to put on it, but we looked up Lego stickers online and they are so expensive.  I can't bring myself to spend money on tiny stickers.

My girl built this floor.  She included a bed, a gumball machine (doesn't everyone need one in their house?) a fountain and a little table.  Pretty cute.

I helped out with the top floor adding a ceiling fan.  My boy added the other desks and things and I made a balcony off the front of the building.

I thought my fireplace was a nice touch!  I always have what I think are great ideas and my kids always shoot them down so I was happy that they let me keep the fireplace in there.  I guess my artistic vision is vastly different from theirs.  They don't really need my help, but my inner child comes out with the Lego building sometimes and it's so fun.  Plus it just made my day when my son told me that he "loves it when I play Lego with him, it's so awesome!"  Also, I just have to add that while we were building this, I remarked that it was so awesome and they both spontaneously starting singing the "Everything is Awesome" song from The Lego Movie at the same time and it was so funny.

They also added a road and a fire hydrant and bench with this old guy sitting on it.  I asked my son which floor he lived on and he informed me that he was just an old guy with no home so he lives on that bench.  We then talked a bit about homeless people and he decided to give him a job as the janitor for the building (he even gave him a little Lego broom) so he can hopefully afford a place someday.

This is the park next to the building where there is an ice cream vendor.  I love how this little project got their creative juices flowing!

The other side of the building.

Have you built anything cool with Lego lately?  I'd love to see it!


  1. This is awesome! I love it! My boys have been building like crazy since seeing the Lego Movie, but mostly vehicles. I'm going to request that book from the library and show them these pics--hopefully, they'll be inspired! :) Tell your kiddos that I think they did an amazing job! :)

  2. Pete added that you should send this into the Lego Club Magazine. It's seriously impressive! :)


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