Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 6

When we first moved here we had no commitments at all.  We didn't know anyone.  We didn't have a church family.  Our kids don't go to school, so we didn't have school friends.  It was freeing and lonely all at the same time.  I was thinking about everything we did the past couple of weeks and I'm amazed at all the commitments we have now.  We are almost as involved as we were in Ohio.  We have a church family that we are really starting to feel a part of.  The kids have AWANA which they love and look forward to each week.  They also have weekly golf lessons and recently joined a chess club.  We also are no longer doing the Florida Virtual Academy so we now have so much more flexibility with school. We are finally able to take field trips and the kids can work at their own pace which is awesome.  Although it was scary letting go of that security net, it's been the best decision ever.

We ventured out to the Glazer Children's Museum this week (they had a free day, yay!) which is in downtown Tampa.  The kids gave it a thumbs down.  It was really geared for the 5 and under set which was a big disappointment.  On the other hand, it's right next to a playground and a river and a park with a huge lawn and fountains for the kids to run through.  We hung out there for the afternoon and the kids loved chasing the seagulls and buying treats from the hot dog vendor and running through the fountain more than any time spent at the museum.  And I got to get a bit of an urban fix at the same time, so it turned out to be a win/win for everyone.  I didn't take my camera, although I did enjoy texting some phone pics to my family to taunt them with the awesome weather and scenery.  I think they are thoroughly sick of me, but I have to send my not so subliminal messages in the hopes that they will consider moving here. :)

The weather here is even more awesome than ever with 70 to 80 degree days more frequently so we can do school outside on our balcony and take walks whenever the mood strikes.  We also headed out to the beach this week for my weekly therapy. :)  I took my camera in anticipation of Photo Friday so all of my favorites this week are from the beach again.  I hope you enjoy them!

I love this pic of my girl.  I love her new short hair.  She asked me why I liked a photo of her sandy butt. :)  I told her I just liked the way she was standing and looking at the water.

When we were at the beach there was a little boy skimboarding and he was really good.  At first she was discouraged because he was so much better than her, but then he actually came over and gave her a tip about throwing her board (one we had given her, but it was much better received coming from him and not us!) and her competitive spirit kicked in and she really started getting more daring.  She was doing so much better by the end of the day it was amazing.

He got hit in the eye with a ball and wasn't in a great mood after that (not that I blame him since the ball was covered in sand), but he still had fun chasing birds and walking around.  I like his sandy foot in this photo.

Taking a very quick break from skimming.  She also met a little girl at the beach that day who she played around with for a while and they took turns on the skimboard.

My boy still isn't interested in skimboarding at all.  It kinda surprises me because he's really athletic.  I think he doesn't want to wipe out in the sand or something.  I wouldn't either.

I hope you enjoyed this week's photos!  All my kids can talk about is the Lego Movie that we are going to tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited about it too.  Have a great weekend!

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