Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo Friday 2014 ~ Week 8

I spent my morning at the Tax Collector.  That's what they call the BMV down here.  It's totally appropriate, right?  Anyway, I was dreading it, but amazingly it was a somewhat pleasant experience.  You can make an appointment online, so I showed up and was called immediately.  The lady who helped me had her own desk and we had plush comfy chairs to sit in across from her.  Other than the fact that it cost me over $500 to have everything transferred over from Ohio and to get my new Title and Driver's License.  Yeah, that part took all the pleasantness from it.

I forgot to take photos again this week.  I was busy celebrating my birthday by spending the day at the beach.  That's all I can say.  Usually on my birthday it's freezing and snowing.  It was gorgeous. I didn't take my camera though, I wanted to just enjoy the time with my kids and I had way too much to carry anyway.  We also went to the pool this week.  I forget to take my camera every.single.time.  It's a disease.  I really want to share some photos of our pool with you guys because we love it.  It's really gorgeous.

I took a few photos just this afternoon in order to get something to post.  This week wasn't exactly stretching me creatively to say the least.  Oh well.  It's only part of the reason I like this project.  The other reason is to get some photos of us just living our lives.  Not posed and perfect, but the real moments.  So here are a couple from today.

We rearranged the furniture yesterday (I'm still deciding if I like it or not) and we now have more floor space right in front of the sliding doors.  He was just hanging out looking outside when I snapped the pic of his back and then he heard the shutter and turned around and I got his cute little smirk too.

I cannot get this kid to wear a shirt.  I make him, of course, when we go in public, but at home this is his look every single day.  He was watching tv here.

She was watching tv from the other couch and she looked up at me as soon as she saw the camera.  I love her face.  I could take pictures of her all day.

This is from earlier in the day right before we left for the Tax Collector...hence the shirt.  I like how the black and white version of this brings out his freckles.  

Well, have a great weekend!  I will try to post some more next week!

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  1. Your pictures are always beautiful - no matter if you're feeling creative about them or not! I love the way the sun where you are is bringing out Dean's freckles - and I see some on Ava, too! Happy Birthday, by the way! I usually never use FB for birthday greetings which means I'm usually late :) Miss you but happy you are in the SUN!


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