Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Perfect Tide Pool

So, I know I told you yesterday about how we were only able to swim in the pool one day this year while we were at the beach.  I forgot to mention how we had our own little tide pool though.  When we arrived at the beach it was really quite large and the kids had a blast running through it and wading around in it.  Over the course of the week it gradually got smaller and smaller until it was almost totally dried up.  It was so perfect while it lasted especially with the weather we had making the waves in the ocean a little scary at times.  We did swim in the ocean on one completely perfect day but I was too busy swimming with everyone to have any photos of that!  So here are some of my favorite photos of our perfect tide pool taken on various days throughout the week.

 Racing...always racing...

I love how you can see all the water droplets in this one!  Although he thinks it's a little too funny to watch me freak out when he tries to splash me and I'm holding the camera. :)

It was pretty deep in the middle.

He was sitting in this pic.  He thought it was pretty awesome that it was the perfect size for him.

You can see it's getting smaller.  There were a lot of birds hanging around.

Which is perfect when you have a kid who loves to chase birds!

This guy somehow managed to get a moment of peace.

It was the perfect spot for my girl to build her drippy castle.  I remember making these with my brother when we were kids.

A friend introduced my kids to Sugar Daddy candy.  Who doesn't love to run around chasing birds while eating candy on the beach?

My girl took this pic for me.

I love all the little bird tracks in the sand.

I've still got more vacation photos that I want to share, so bear with me and I promise I'll move on to new things soon!

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