Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 4 ~

This week's theme was 'self-portrait'.  I was kinda bummed about that because I just took photos of myself last week.  I really wanted to get creative this time around, but seeing as how I forgot all about it until yesterday I didn't really get to do what I wanted.  I have issues with using my tripod and self timer and I can never seem to get the camera to focus on what I want.  I'm sure if I took more time I could get better results, but taking my own photo isn't really my thing and I don't really want to take the time.  That being said, I did get some good photos yesterday. you go.

Just a note:  yes, I did photoshop myself.  I figure if I would do it for a client, then why not do it to myself?  If I spent a lot of time on my makeup and had great lighting I would look almost this good, right?  The photo on the top right was taken while I was lying on my back on the floor and holding the camera above me.  Gravity = instant face lift. : )  That's me holding my daughter's hand in the middle.  And yes, those are my seriously small feet on the bottom.  When I looked at the photo, I was like, wow, my feet really are small...  The one on the bottom of me in my hood my 8 year old daughter took, hence the slightly off focus.  And the one on the bottom right is my reflection in our storm door.  I really like the one on the top left because of 2 things, my hair and my pointy nose.  Here's a funny story about that.     My daughter asked me the other day while I was tucking her in if my nose looked pointy when I was a little girl.  I said, "yes, it looked pretty much the same, just smaller, why?"  She said, "Whew, I was just wondering because my nose is kinda small and not pointy and I didn't want it to change and look like yours when I grow up."  I must have had a stunned or hurt look on my face because she immediately apologized and told me how much she loves my nose, she just doesn't think it would look right on her face.  Kids...they are so brutally honest.  I happen to like my nose though!

I am going to share one more photo that doesn't fit with the theme.  I'm not used to having to fit all my favorite photos from the week into the same theme.  And this one I just love, so I want to share it anyway.  Here is my daughter on her birthday.  I took this after she came home from school because I just wanted a photo of her on the day she turned 8.  Her party is this weekend, so I'll share more in a separate post, but here's my favorite photo of her for now.  Note the non-pointy nose. : )

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. These photos are are beautiful! Well done.

  2. Beautiful! YEAH! I love the one w/your arm up.
    ♡, PTG

  3. Every picture tells a story. They are individually beautiful and then as part of a series just lovely. The picture of your daughter is fantastic. She looks a lot like you.

  4. I love the one that your daughter took of you in your hood.

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Don't feel too bad about Ava's comments. I asked Aydyn what color my eyes were, and he said "red!"


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