Monday, May 13, 2013

Missing the Beach

We're back from the beach and getting back into the swing of things.  Our vacation this year was a little off kilter with the kids and I starting off the week with colds, and the weather starting off cool and rainy.  Top that off with some general crankiness (probably from the colds and weather!) and it made for a rough beginning.  But the weather warmed up and the colds dried up and we made the best of it.  There was plenty of Pirate Golf (no photos this year, because we are so competitive that I can't drag my camera with me and be bothered to get out of my zone and snap photos) and regular golf (for my husband).  There were a few nice days at the beach with my girl making sand angels and sand castles and even sliding down a sand hill on her stomach when that wasn't enough (the girl likes sand).  The pool was cold but we did brave it one day and my boy learned how to swim underwater with goggles.  We did sunset photos not once, but twice.  There was plenty of good eating and to top it off one of my best friends from college came down with her family to meet up with us.  So, I guess now that I think about it, it was one pretty awesome vacation. :)  I've still got a ton of photos to go through, but I'd say this photo right here almost makes all the miserable moments worth it.

This is definitely going in a frame.

I'll be posting more photos this week, so check back!

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