Monday, May 20, 2013

A Day at the Pool

While we were in Florida this year it was so unseasonably cold that we were only able to get in the pool one day.  We missed our pool time as we are totally pool people.  I dream of the day I will have my own pool in my backyard...oh yes, we will make it happen.  At some point...not any time soon, but it's a goal.  So needless to say, we were disappointed.  I'm hoping there will be many pool days this summer to make up for it.  My boy learned to swim underwater with goggles which was pretty impressive since he was only in the pool for an hour or so!  I think this summer he's going to be a fish like his sister.  I can't wait to see them.  Here are a couple of pics I snapped of our beach pool day. :)

My little movie star. 

 Poor kid was freezing...his lips were blue!

So cute in his goggles!

I'm hoping for some more summery, warm looking pool shots in my near future.  These make me cold just looking at them!

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