Monday, May 27, 2013

A Ballet Recital

I have been wanting my daughter to be in some sort of dance recital since she was old enough to dance, so I am so happy to say that it finally happened.  We have had her in various dance lessons but it never worked out where she was in a recital until this last time I signed her up I made sure that she would get to perform.  I just really think it's good for kids to be on stage and feel what it's like to work hard to learn a routine and then experience the jitters that come before going on stage and the rush of performing when all eyes are on you.  Of course, for some people I realize that sounds like pure terror, but I was hoping my girl would enjoy it as much as I did and I'm happy to report that she was not traumatized in the least.

Speaking of sister in law brought my nieces down from a couple hours north to see my girl perform and one of them experienced a little trauma of her own.  Because the day wasn't exciting enough, right?!  Anyway, she was playing our piano and was doing that thing where you play every key in a row really fast in a flourish and she fell right off the edge of the piano bench and hit her head on the only pointy spot on the piano (figures, right?).  I seriously don't even know what the odds of someone getting hurt playing the piano are, but I'm gonna figure that they are pretty low.  Poor girl had the tiniest cut right above her eyebrow and as soon as I saw it I knew it needed a stitch or two.  She was horrified at the mention of getting stitches and I felt so bad for her.  So, off her and my sister in law went to the local Children's Hospital while we headed next door (literally) to the local high school for my girl's performance.  My niece missed the whole thing and now will have a nice tiny scar to help her remember.  Ugh.  What can you do?

We spent the afternoon before the trauma getting my girl ready for her big debut.  They wanted us to put full stage makeup on them which I had never done before and it was so exciting for my girl to finally get to wear makeup.  Funny, I remember hating and dreading my mom putting the mascara on me for recitals when I was little, but my girl was totally the opposite.  We also curled her hair and painted her nails.  It was quite the big day.  I took a few pictures right during the midst of the chaos of my niece loading in the car to go to the hospital, my husband coming home from dropping my son off with a friend to spend the night at King's Island (ballet is so not his thing) and us trying to load in the car so we wouldn't be late.  I'd say all things considering, these turned out pretty awesome!

Wow.  My girl is gorgeous!  She was so funny, after I put on the makeup, she went and looked in the mirror and did this little giggle and said, "I'm so pretty!"  And humble too... : )

I loved her costume.  Her class had the prettiest costumes of the entire recital.

Okay, the makeup makes her look like a teenager!  Yikes!  

Here are a couple from the performance.  That's her in the middle of the group.  She's a natural!  She kept talking the whole week before about how she wanted flowers, and did I think anyone was going to get her flowers, and did I think they might throw them on stage, and on and on.  So she was pretty excited that she got three different bouquets from her fans. : )  

I'm still not sure if she's going to continue with the ballet lessons, but I'm just a happy mamma that I finally got to see my daughter perform.

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