Monday, March 25, 2013

The Kids, At Home

We've been hanging out at home a lot due to the crappy weather around here.  Seriously, it's spring!  Where is the spring weather?!?  I should be used to it living in Ohio my whole life, but being a person of perpetual hope I always think that this year will be different.  I am counting the days until our Florida vacation.  I can't get out of here fast enough.  Anyway, this blog post is supposed to be about us hanging at home...I need to focus.  So, our days start with the kids waking me up.  Lately, they've been waking me by opening the curtains and pulling up the blinds which usually results in temporary blindness due to the east facing window.  Then they hide in our pile of blankets in the corner of the room.  On a side note, what on earth am I supposed to do with the 20 or so throw pillows that came with our bedding set?  Anyone?  The kids aren't complaining about the giant pile in the corner, so it's working for now. :)  The other day the light was just so gorgeous and I wanted to remember those moments when they wake me with their happy faces and want to snuggle up and talk about our plans for the day.  So I sent my daughter down to grab my camera and I snapped just a few.  I'm so glad I did because I love them.  I was too tired to care about posing or getting annoyed with their antics, so it just was a sweet moment when I captured their insanely happy, morning people moods (which they do not get from me).

I got the camera out another time this week after watching my kids at play.  I've been reading this book, Nurtureshock, and it reminded me of the importance of pretend play among children.  My kids were engrossed in some elaborate back story involving their lego house with the lego ball people who live there who when they pee it sounds like "twinkle, twinkle, little star" (I don't even ask anymore, they come up with the craziest stuff).  I let them have an extra long recess because they were playing so well together that I didn't want to interrupt, as absurd as their play seemed, I figured it was still beneficial in some way.  My son was wearing his cape and mask that day in anticipation of a super hero party he was going to that night so I got some cute photos of him in action as well.  I'm glad I've taken more photos of ordinary moments lately.  I wonder which photos I will look back on with most fondness in ten years time.  These or the posed ones?  Only time will tell, I guess...

When you are not a morning person it helps when you get woken up by this sweet smile.

And the sweet giggles of this silly boy.

I love this.

The lego house they built together.  I don't even think they noticed I was taking photos of them.

My little superhero.  He wasn't satisfied with just the cape and mask, he needed a weapon.  The bow and arrows were a good choice I think.

I took this photo only after strict instructions were given not to hit my camera lens with that suction cup arrow!  He's actually a pretty good shot and that suction sticks to the wall.

I forgot to mention he had a sidekick...kung fu girl...or something like that, I can't remember now.

Off to rid the world of evil!  Or at least chase his sister around the house a few times. :)

I'm hoping for more fun times together this week but maybe, just maybe we'll get to go outside?  Did I mention it's supposed to snow and we are on Spring Break?  Ugh...Ohio....

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