Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Wears a Blue Dress

It's 4 am.  I'm sound asleep.  I hear a scream of, "Mommy" from the general direction of the bathroom.  I bolt upright in bed, ready for action (not really, more like slowly lift one eyelid and hope it's a bad dream).  Then I hear, "My tooth fell out!".  Whoa, not expecting that.  I really do bolt up to see what's going on.  My daughter is sitting on the toilet.  Oh no, I'm thinking...her tooth fell in the toilet!  Luckily, I was wrong, she was holding it in her hand.  Okay, my heartbeat can go back to normal now.  She's really excited and needs to see it.  She turns the bathroom light on full brightness and blinds me.  She thinks she sees blood and starts to panic.  I assure her it's not bleeding...but I really have no idea since I have been temporarily blinded.  I agree that we should wait until tomorrow night to put it under her pillow and then she hands me her tooth for safekeeping and trots off to bed.  I try to find a place for the tooth, afraid I will lose it and then be declared World's Worst Mother.  I'm too tired and lay it on the counter with my makeup and hope it's still there in the morning.  It is.

This is my first lost tooth experience from a mother's perspective.  It's almost as exciting as losing your own.  She really wanted to lose it at Thanksgiving in front of everyone.  We even went so far as tying a thread around it to try the slamming the door method.  But she chickened out...and it wasn't really ready to come out anyway.  Oh well, losing your first tooth on the toilet in the middle of the night isn't a bad story...right?

The tooth fairy came the next night.  This is the second time she has come to our house.  You see, my daughter has a shark tooth.  Her adult tooth came in behind her baby tooth before it fell out.  Pretty weird and scary, but according to google, extremely common.  The first time I noticed something in her mouth I thought it was a piece of food.  So I reached in to see what it was and realized it was her tooth coming in.  The drama queen thought that was the end of the world.  "Has this ever happened to you when you were a little girl?" she asked.  This is her standard question to just about everything that happens to her.  I said no and a full blown meltdown was in the works.  About 10 minutes before the bus was to arrive.  So I told her that we'd write the tooth fairy a note to tell her about her tooth coming in and see if she'd leave her some money even though her tooth didn't fall out yet.  Good thinking mom.  It worked.  And yes, the tooth fairy will take your note in exchange for a tooth and leave you a dollar. 

By the way, when I was a little girl I saw the tooth fairy in my room one night.  Did you know she wears a blue dress?  My daughter wanted to know why I got to see the tooth fairy when I was little and she has to fall asleep.  Good question.  My answer.  "Grandmama never really believed that I saw her anyway...I guess it was a dream."  Worked for her, but I swear that was one of the most realistic dreams I've ever had.

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