Friday, July 13, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 28 ~

I finally got some stuff done this week and I feel much better.  Of course it took my mom coming over to boss me around (she refers to this as cheerleading me) and get me motivated.  I just get stuck sometimes feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.  So, the school room has been started...of course I keep changing my mind on how to organize the room.  I've been pinning on my pinterest board and it's given me too many ideas and now I don't know which one to go with.  And my budget is pretty limited so that makes it hard too.  I'll get it figured out eventually...hopefully in the next couple of weeks before our school supplies start arriving.  We had some fun this week too.  It's still hot here, but the major heat wave seems to have passed and we were able to enjoy the pool without it feeling like a hot tub and go to Kings Island with my sister without melting.  I am finally getting rid of this ridiculous poison ivy that has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now.  I've been feeling like a leper the way people would back away when they found out what was on me.  And I wasn't even able to hug my family for about a week because for one it hurt really bad and also because I didn't want anyone to catch it.   Man, did I miss those hugs from my babies.  Okay, so on to this week's photos.  My girl was hanging outside most of the day one day just reading on a blanket and tinkering around in the yard and then asked me if she could make a mud pie.  I said sure, why not?  So she set out with a bucket of water and a shovel.  After she was done she wanted me to take a picture.  

I love how she even embellishes her mud pies.  She's got berries and a little leaf garnish.  She's totally into the presentation.  Maybe she'll be a gourmet chef someday?  Or a florist?  Or an interior designer?  I love how fun it is to see what our kids are talented at and wonder how those talents will come into play as they grow up.

And of course she needed a pick of her being silly and acting like she's going to eat it. :)

Have a great weekend!  Hope you are enjoying the lazy days of summer as much as we are!

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