Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Friday 2012 ~ 27 ~

Another week of summer has flown by.  Ahhh!!  It is going way too fast.  I wish things would slow down around here.  I like being busy, but I haven't gotten anything done that I have planned to do this summer yet and that scares me.  I need to get moving.  On the other hand, I still feel like we need a few lazy days to go to the park and play in our yard and just be spontaneous.  I'm hard to please like that. :)  I just hope this heat wave is over soon.  I have a few pictures from our 4th of July celebrations to share.  It was h.o.t.  Remind me again why we don't move to the beach?  Cause I'm pretty sure that 100 degrees feels a whole lot better with an ocean breeze and some palm trees swaying.  I'm just sayin'...

This is so typical of when we get together with friends.  It isn't a party til this guy has a few kids sitting on him. The kids love it!  There's his baby girl putting his hat back on him (something about the hat containing all his powers).  I love our friends. :)

His first experience with sparklers.  He was a big fan.

He was pretty intense.  Which is a good thing when you're holding fire in your hands, right?

I really wanted to get some photos of them after dark spelling out their names, but by the time we got home from fireworks we were too pooped.  And before we left it wasn't dark enough.  We have a few left, so maybe tonight!

I'm not doing my 4 People 12 Times project this year and I kinda miss it.  So I had a friend snap a picture of the four of us.  I think this is the second one all year.  Hopefully we'll get some more with some better faces...that boy...  Oh well, it's still us!

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

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