Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wish We Were Here

I feel like a broken record, but I really, really need to move closer to a beach.  Ever since our vacation my son has been talking about how much he wishes we lived at the beach and he's totally preaching to the choir.  I miss it so much!  It doesn't help that I'm pretty much stuck inside all day because of all the rain.  I miss the salty air and the sand and the breeze and just the laid back feel of everything there.  So, because of my intense longing for all of it, I thought I'd post some photos from our vacation.  It's like torture and therapy all at the same time when I look at these.   Torture because it makes me want to go back so badly and therapy as I relive all of the wonderful moments we had.  Hope you enjoy reliving it with me...

Ahhh....I wish this were my view right now.  I love how she adds special touches to her sand castles.  Maybe she'll have a talent for interior design someday.

My sweet girl showing off her shell.

I love these!  And notice my girl in the background lounging by the shore.

I love how he squints one eye when it's bright.  I call it his pirate face.

And because he can't help but turn anything into a golf club, here he is golfing with his shovel.  Pretty good form, don't you think?

I love how happy she is here.  Notice the little graveyard of seashells in front of her.  I don't think that's what she intended, but I can't help thinking that's what it looks like!

She dug a huge hole and then decided to bury herself in it...only she got stuck and couldn't get out.  Daddy to the rescue!  And that's her bowing on the bottom right...she's a little entertainer for sure.

Love this!  The shadow, the splash, his huge hands, his little birthmark on his leg.

By the pool one day...

My boys.

I love these next three.  Priceless.

I caught this fish!!  At first I thought it was a piece of seaweed floating around and then I thought maybe it was dead, but then I scooped it up with a shell net and it started wriggling like crazy!  We watched him for a while and then let him go.

Napping on the beach.  Sweetest thing ever.

Okay, enough torturing myself for one day.  Back to reality.  At least the sun starting to peek through the clouds.

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