Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Golf + Pirates

Whoever decided to combine mini golf with pirates was a genius.  At least for my family.  My kids talk about Pirate Golf all year long and we only get to play there one week a year.  So the excitement level was pretty high when we decided to go one evening on our vacation.  To say that we are competitive would be an understatement.  It gets a little intense between my husband and I.  Last year we only played twice and we both won.  This year I claimed the title twice!  It's official...I am the best golfer in the family. : )

On the first hole...let the games begin!  By the way, my son is a lefty golfer which is why he looks like he's hitting it backwards.  


His reaction to his sister's hole in one.  He did get one the second time we golfed after many attempts on the same hole...whew!   He wanted a hole in one so badly.

My kids love all the creepy pirate stuff.

More shots of them in action.  That's my daughter doing some modeling on the right.

Family of criminals!  I love this!

The second time we went to Pirate Golf they decided to wear their pirate clothes.  I love this shot of the two of them.  I didn't take the camera to the course for the second time because the competition was too intense.

I love our yearly vacation tradition.  More photos to come of the beach soon!  I love reliving my vacation through photos!

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