Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Friday 2011 ~ 20 ~

We went to my cousins farm last weekend so I could take pictures of her super smiley, absolutely adorable baby girl who just turned one.  While we were there I snapped a couple pics of my daughter out in a field.  She discovered Little House on the Prairie while we were on vacation (central time and a lack of channels one day and it was the only child appropriate show I could find) and she loves it so much.  Which makes me happy because I loved that show when I was little.  She's even taking to saying "Yes, ma'am" to me like Laura does to her mom.  Anyway, this picture of her just reminded me of her newfound love with the yellow flowers and her braids in her hair.

Our new little friends who we found in a bush right next to our deck.  The kids keep checking on them every day.  They are so cute!

If you have a son then I'm sure you are aware that Cars 2 is coming out soon.  This is his face when he was sitting on the couch talking to me and all of a sudden a preview for the movie came on.  Love his expressions.

I'm looking forward to this weekend of no rain, a friend's wedding, Taste of Cincinnati, a trip to the cemetery, and cookout!  Should be lots of fun!

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