Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Mid Week Pampering

A few months back I started up my own little monthly Mom's Night Out.  I was just tired of never being able to get together with my girlfriends and since I have a bunch of friends scattered throughout the city who don't all know each other, I felt like I was losing touch with some of them.  So I just started inviting all of them.  Who cares if they don't know each other, they will get to know each other and they will like it!  Sorry, I have some control issues...  Anyway, I always mean to bring my camera to our little outings, but I always forget.  But not this time.  We had a pedicure party.  My little sister is a certified nail tech, so she came out with all her gear and gave us a little pampering.  It was great!  We sat by the pool in my sister in law's newly painted chairs (that plastic spraypaint really does work) and I finally got the blue spraypaint off my foot with my pedicure.  We swapped stories about our kids (we don't bring them, but of course we can't help but talk about them) and gave each other advice.  And we admired one girl's new Japanese ionic straightened hair (worth every penny).  I got there with intentions of taking lots of pics, but I took about 3 and put my camera away and promptly forgot about it the rest of the night.  So half of the girls are missing from these, but oh well.

See that gorgeous dark straight hair on my friend on the right?  You'd never know she really has naturally curly hair.  I'm still in awe of your hair, although I'd never have the guts to do it myself.

Her first pedicure ever.  I think she liked it.  

Sorry girls, I know you're out of focus, but this is the only other picture I have.

That's me with my feet propped up on my desk this morning admiring my toes. Oh yeah, and I sit like that all the time...

Okay girls, you need to remind me to take more pics next time because these are just pathetic!  Can't wait for the next Mom's Night Out!  Who's up for planning it?

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  1. it was a fun time! I should plan one but have no idea what to do... jb


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