Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Parade, Some Fireworks and a Free Dress

We had a great Independence Day weekend complete with fireworks and a parade.  We let our kids stay up late 2 nights in row (practically unheard of around our house) to watch fireworks.  The first night we just let them go outside in their pajamas in our neighborhood, but we weren't really able to see that many due to all the tall trees around us.  We did see a few bats flying around though and plenty of mosquitos which eventually drove us back inside.  The next day we ventured out to a nearby suburb parade complete with high school marching band and fire trucks.  The kids love parades, mostly due to the fact that they throw candy at you.  I don't remember this from my childhood and I'm not sure if that's because they didn't throw candy or my parents never took me to parades.  After a loooong  nap from both the kids that afternoon we went to the fireworks at a nearby amusement park.  They were great, and I tried to take pictures, but they didn't turn out at all.  I guess I should have read up on tips on how to take good fireworks pics, because they are so bad I don't even have any to share.  Maybe next year!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the free dress!  So, our church has an annual "clothing swap" where people bring in their clothing to donate and they sort it out by size and category and then everyone comes to "shop" and they can take whatever they need for free.  It's a great ministry and we've been personally blessed by this ministry.  This last swap I helped set up along with some other moms and we came across an interesting dress.  One of those where you hold it up and go, "Do you think this is cute or not?" and you get a variety of opinions.  We all sort of joked around about this strange dress for a while because the front of it was so different from the back of it.  Anyway, I decided that maybe it would look really cute on and told all the ladies there that they were not allowed to make fun of my daughter if they saw her in that dress!  Well, it turned out to be the perfect 4th of July dress!  We had tons of people commenting at the parade on her cute dress.  So don't be afraid to try that odd looking article of clothing because it might look great when it's on.

I really like the photo in the middle of this collage.  It's just so patriotic.  And I love how my son is covering his ears from the fire trucks.
You can really see the dress in the bottom right corner.  Check out all those cute firemen too!  I thought it was interesting the way they carried axes along with the flags.
One of my favorite new pics of my kids.

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  1. I so remember that dress! it is adorable, especially now that I see it on! ~Jen


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