Friday, July 30, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 30 ~

This week I went a little crazy and did a mini photo shoot with my son in our backyard on Monday when it was so gorgeous out.  I've been dying to share some with you (whoever you might be...comment please and let me know!) but I've been holding onto them for Photo Friday.  You'd think I'd learn after mentioning a few times how I always get pictures of my kids in outfits that I don't like to just always put them in things I like...just in case...but I haven't learned.  So, once again, my little spur of the moment shoot is in a less then favorite outfit combo by both my kids.  Forget about them even being close to coordinating.  I think I'm going to just go through their closets and get rid of anything that I don't want a photo of them in.  I'm serious.  They have tons of cute clothes, so this seriously should never happen.  And I know I could take the time to go make them change their clothes before a little photo shoot, but if I did that, then in the 10 seconds it takes to change a shirt the whole cooperative, getting my picture taken is fun vibe might just disappear into thin air and I don't want to risk that.  Okay, I'm done with my little clothing rant...I'm not that shallow, I promise.  On to other more important things, like how my son was in an incredibly cooperative mood for the camera.  He was even posing for me.  Who are you and what did you do with my little wild boy?  My grandma always tells me he's "full of meanness" which is her way of saying he's just a big tease.  That's because he'll walk real close to her like he's going to stop by for a hug and then at the last second he'll run away laughing because he thinks he's funny.  He usually does that when I have my camera out too, which is incredibly cute and frustrating all at the same time.  But this time he was an angel...almost.   Oh, and because I can't have fun with my camera without a little drama, my daughter decided to throw a little jealousy fit because I wasn't taking any pictures of her.  Seriously?  Well, here they are, and there's a bunch.  I just couldn't pick.

I've learned now by photographing other people that they are never going to pick the photos that you think they will.  Like this one.  If you didn't know that when he concentrates (like on buckling his swing) he juts out his bottom jaw like this, you might not understand why I like it so much.

The focus if off on this one, but I like it anyway too.  This is such a genuine smile.

Showing me how old he is.

Cute, sweet, precious little face and dirty it.

He always makes this face.  He's thinking about doing something "full of meanness".  I can tell.

I've been accused recently of "editing people's eyes to make them look more blue" but I never edit eyes.  It's sort of a pet peeve of mine.  Sometimes you catch the right light with the right reflection (from say a blue sky, like here), add that to a nice blue shirt and they just pop.  But I don't ever want my kids eyes or anyone else's to look fake.  My kids really do have eyes like this in this light.  And I hate that she is wearing a hot pink bow with that shirt...but there I go nitpicking with the wardrobe again.  Let it go, Shawna, let it go...  Other than that, I adore this picture and it's my new desktop background.

A beautiful tree in my neighbor's yard that I've never noticed before.  I love how the camera can make the ordinary stand out when you look through it.

Look, God put bokeh on the side of my house for me.  Had to snap a shot of it.  Beautiful light that I would not have ever appreciated a few years ago.

Eyelash shot of my girl.  I love her dark lashes so much.

I think this might be my favorite.  I love that you can see his dimple!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. So I usually comment, but here goes... 1.. You really do need to let the wardrobe thing go. if they were wearing their really cute stuff outside when they get dirty knees,they'd get your cute stuff all stained and nasty and it wouldn't be your favorite anyway. 2. Their eyes really do pop! I'm glad you don't edit eyes. Jen

  2. your pics are adorable as always! sometimes the best ones are the ones where their wearing, uh, not your favorites:) I used to be more into my kid's clothes, but letting them wear what they want (to an extent :) really does let their personalities come through! Great job!

  3. you make beautiful children!!!!!! :)


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