Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 26 ~

Wow, I just realized as I typed the title of this post that the year is officially half way over!  It's going so fast.  I guess it's really true how fast time goes as your children are growing.  I wish I could slow it down a little, especially during the summer.  We've been having a really nice summer so far and the past two days the weather has been amazing.  My husband and I were pondering how that is what it would feel like to live in southern California...gorgeous every could you not be a happy person?  The kids and I were out in the yard most of the day and I took my camera out to capture some of the beautiful sunlight.

You know by now that I love series of similar photos.  Here's her serious face.  She found that lily at the back of our yard and had to pick it so I put it in her hair for her which she thought was great.
Check out that serious face...she is trying not to smile.  You can see it the tiniest bit in her lips.
There she goes...she can't hold it in any longer.
Love, love, love this.  Is there anything better than a kid with their head thrown back in pure happiness?  And I actually love that it's slightly out of focus.  Just makes it seem more magical.
I love her so much.
And just because I have this insane need to be even and show off both my kids, here's my son looking mostly angelic...until you hear that the reason his arm is back like that is because he is getting ready to try to smack the camera out of my hand.  Stinker.  I'm too fast for him though.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone!  I'm gonna try to take some pics of fireworks.  It will be my first attempt, so we'll see how it goes.

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