Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 24 ~

This photo was taken in our neighbors garden.  One of our favorite neighbors had a beautiful garden of vegetables every year and he would tend it daily and my kids loved to go out and talk to him and help him.  But sadly his wife died during the winter and he also became ill and now he is living in a retirement home.  He says he will never come back to the house now that she's not there.  It's so sad to see his beautiful garden turn to a patch of weeds.  If I had the right knowledge and tools I'd try to plant it for him.  Maybe next year if he's still not home and his garden is just sitting there.  The kids love to go out and run around through the garden and pick the wildflowers that are growing there.  They miss him though and often ask where he is.  I love this picture of my daughter looking over her shoulder.  She was having fun running away from me as I tried to get a photo.  She is definitely giving me some good practice for action shots!

Love this one showing off the new window in her mouth.  I wanted to take her picture because we had been swimming that day and she looked like she had some little curl in the hair around her face.  It doesn't show up as well in the photo, but for her that is a lot of curl.

I love this one of her eyes and her wispy hair.  I usually hate when I cut off someone's chin, but I like this anyway...her eyes draw you right in.

This is my son watching the ducks at the park.  I love the water droplets on his cheeks.

This is so similar to the last one, but I just couldn't choose.  I love his little hands on the rail, his sweet smile and the beautiful, soft background.

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