Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family of Four ~ A Photo Shoot ~

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with my big brother's family last week.  We headed over to Sharon Woods on possibly the most humid day of the year so far.  They were troopers, even my little niece who had just turned one!  My niece and nephew are possibly two of the sweetest little children on the planet.  They are both just so sensitive and loving and I had a great time trying to capture their sweet little smiles.  Here are some of my favorites.

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with this picture.  Don't they look like little partners in crime?!

This series of her on the bridge are just precious.  I love when I capture a series of expressions.

Cute Family!!

I've been wanting to pics in a field forever.  And this chair was actually my grandmother's chair when she was a little girl so it's nice that her great-granddaughter got to use it.

Love how she's holding up her dress and you can see her chubby legs!

He loves to have his picture taken, which worked out awesome for me...I had a ton of great ones to choose from!

I have two little chairs that I use for props and this one was my mom's when she was a little girl.  I'm thinking this might end up being one of her favorite pics!

I like how this is so natural, and the baby is trying to escape.

She's a thumbsucker, so this is one of my favorites too.

This was one of the last photos.  This is what happens whenever her mom moves more than three feet away from her.  She's like, "How dare you, woman!"

I had such a good time, even though I was sweating buckets!  Hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. Love these shots. You have such a great eye.


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