Friday, June 11, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 23 ~

I tried to take some pictures of my kids at the park this week, but they were so not in the mood.  My daughter actually told me, "This is the worst day of my life!".  We were at a playground and I wanted to walk around and scope out a better location for a photo shoot I have in a couple weeks.  So we started down this long path that was supposed to have a lake and playground at the end.  It was downhill the whole way there which was no problem.  But after we checked out the merry go round and she bumped her head on it somehow, she was not in the mood for photos.  Then we had to walk back uphill the whole way and then my son needed me to carry him along with my camera bag, ugh, nothing like an extra 35 pounds hanging around your neck.  And then my daughter declared that she was "thirsting to death".  It was all just a tad bit melodramatic.  After all that, I still didn't get any stellar pictures.  I got a few cute ones, but I might share those in a different post.  Then after naptime I was able to snap a few in our front yard when everyone was in a better mood.  Why do all my favorite pictures happen in outfits that I don't like?  I need to get them dressed up and brush their hair and do a "real" photo shoot sometime.  Oh well, I still like these that I got of my daughter.  I can't believe how grown up she is starting to look lately.  Make it stop!

See what I mean?!  She looks like a teenager with attitude in this picture.  It's like looking into the future, and honestly, it scares me.  But at least I know she is going to be confident!  I love this pic though.  There's just something about it...

Okay, this picture is the sweet little girl I love.  She's still got her sweet cheeks and her top tooth is just hanging there by a thread.  I could just eat her up.

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  1. You are so talented!!!! I love you photo's!!!


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