Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Quite Fort Knox

Summer is great.  But I'm starting to realize that I haven't really had time alone with my daughter in the afternoons in about 9 months and we are having a readjustment period.  She was in kindergarten during the afternoons and during the times she was home she always had her brother or some other kid that I was babysitting to play with. Now during my son's nap it's just me and her.  Which is awesome, don't get me wrong.  I love that we can cuddle on the couch and watch a movie or sit and play a game, but then I start looking around my house and wow, it's a mess!  I need to get some stuff done around here or I'm going to go insane.  Not that I'm like a super clean freak or anything, but I have to have things in order or I will start to get in a funk.  I can't handle all the clutter and the laundry piling up...it makes me irritated and then I get grumpy which in turn makes the kids grumpy.  Anyway, at least I know it's a problem, so I just have to get back on track.  So today I decided that she's got to get used to playing by herself again.  I mean, who are these mom's who have time to sit and play Littlest Pet Shop?  It's not like my mom was sitting down and playing Strawberry Shortcake with me when I was little (if you did, Mom, I don't remember, so sorry) and I turned out fine!  So, while we did do a little "flying" on my feet and some tickling and goofing around, I told her she had to find something to do.  I was inspired by my friend posting some pictures of her kids making forts so I told her I'd help her make one really quick.  My son has a tendency to want to help her with these projects which irritates my little control freak and then he will inevitably end up ruining it on accident (or on purpose) so it turned out to be the perfect activity to do during his nap.

There's a chair buried in there somewhere.

I tried to sneak a few pics of her.

Waving the paparazzi away.  Oh and she lost her top tooth today...finally! 

Peeking out one of the many doors.

My little wild child.

After I got her all set up I went off to clean and didn't hear a peep out of her for at least an hour.  When I came back by she told me she put furniture in her fort and I peeked in and she had a doll highchair and a doll table and a little chair in there.  No pics though...I can't stop when I get in cleaning mode, I'm on a mission.  Hopefully she can fill her afternoons with fun little activities that she can enjoy on her own and get her imaginative juices flowing.  After all, that's what summers are all about.

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