Friday, June 4, 2010

Photo Friday ~ 22 ~

It's the last week of school for us and it's been a pretty crazy week.  My daughter's class had an End of the Year Celebration that my husband and I both attended.  It was so fun to see her so excited to have her dad at school. And not all of the kids had parents who could come, so he ended up with two little boys on either side of him reading to him.  It was so cute.  I can't believe my daughter is going to be done with Kindergarten today!  Now I will have a first grader.  That makes me feel old and sad that she will be gone from me all day during the school years from now on.  That right there is enough to make me want to homeschool.  So, I am going to be savoring this summer a little more than in the past.

I love, love the expression on her face in this photo.  So adorable.  She was watching the little slideshow that the teacher had put together of photos of the class throughout the year.

Here's my daughter reading to us during the Celebration.

I adore this picture of her with her dad.  You can just see the pride and excitement in her face.

This photo is totally unrelated to the celebration, but I did take it this week and I think it's worth sharing.  This the sweet little girl I babysit.  She has the most amazing blue eyes with dark, dark eyelashes.  She's going to be a beauty when she grows up.

I'm so excited for school to be out and I'll be taking a break from babysitting for the summer.  Hopefully it will be full of swimming, photo shoots, lazy days, fun at the park, more swimming, and did I mention swimming?

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