Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of 1st Grade

It's official...I'm the parent of a 1st grader.  Whoa, that makes me feel old!  Today we got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, packed a lunch, and waited for the bus.  I'm gonna have to get into some kind of groove really soon because I didn't have my extra kids that I babysit today and it was still kinda hectic.  I don't do hectic in the morning.  I like calm, laze around, drink my coffee and check my email kind of mornings.  My baby girl was very excited though.  She was ready about 30 minutes early so I had plenty of time to take some pictures outside.  Her little brother was even riding his scooter and playing with rocks outside.  I don't think he realizes that she is going to be gone every day, all day...I can't even fathom it yet, and I'm not 3.  He's been asking for her today and can't wait for her to get home.  I hope she's having fun.  We met her teacher yesterday and she has already decided that she is going to be her favorite teacher ever.  Her poor kindergarten teacher is out the window (the previous "Best Teacher Ever") and she's only seen this new teacher for 5 minutes.  I hope this love at first sight lasts!   Here are some pictures of our morning...

Posing in the same spot as last year.  Click here to see her first day of kindergarten.

Showing off her lunch box.  It looks enormous next to her!

Number 1 for 1st grade.

Getting some love from her baby brother.

Her backpack looks so big!

Being silly while she waits.  The bus was late.

Mad at me because I caught her silly face.  

I love this picture.  She was sitting in my lap waiting and she was started to get a little worried I think.

The bus!  Sometimes when I look at her she seems so grown up, but then look at her here, next to the bus, she's still so little!

Today is such a happy day for her but such a sad day for me.  I miss her already and it's only the first day.  Sigh...


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