Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Expecting the Unexpected ~ A Photo Shoot ~

We had the most amazing weather this past weekend and I was so excited to meet up with some old high school friends for a maternity shoot.  We went to a really small private school where everyone knows everyone.  If you would've told me in high school that they would end up together I wouldn't have believed it.  But they reconnected last year, and here they are having a baby!  You really just never know the plans God has for you.  I had so much fun with them on this photo shoot.  They are so great together.  They really make each other laugh and they enjoy each other so much.  They made me laugh so much...I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a photo shoot.  Their baby is going to be so smothered with love and affection and I can't wait to see who she will look like!   Here are some of my favorites.

I love the way the sun is hitting her belly in this one.

I love her hair so much!  And for the record, no, her hair did not look that good in high school.  Some people really do get better looking with age.

Proud parents to be.

They will either love this or hate that I put it on here...I love it.  It's just so them.  They were making each other laugh the whole time.

Again, with the gorgeous hair! 

We did a few bare belly shots too.

Hello, sexy mama!

I love this one.  Pregnancy truly is a beautiful time in a woman's life.

I love a confident pregnant girl!  Here she is showing off her supermodel moves.

They are so fun and I love to watch them interact.  This face just reminds me of his high school days.

I had such a great time with you guys!  I'm so glad that you are enjoying this special time together.  Your lives are about to be forever changed in the most beautiful, crazy, amazing way and you'll never be the same.  It will definitely be the best thing that ever unexpectedly happened to you!  Congratulations!

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