Friday, August 18, 2017

Photo Friday 2017 ~ Week 33 ~

I totally forgot about Photo Friday until about an hour ago.  We had come home from Bible study this morning and were all doing our own thing and I realized I hadn't taken one single photo this week.  I was trying to think of something cool I could do with the kids so I went looking for them and found them both in my girl's room just hanging out.  They seemed so cozy I didn't want to make them get up so I just decided to take pics of them just how they were.  

My girl was reading a book that I got for her.  She probably wouldn't have picked this one since she's mostly into young adult fiction now.  I wanted her to read the book before the movie comes out though.  Once she's done maybe I'll read it.  

My boy was literally just laying there.  He slept in his sister's room last night on an air mattress.  He has been watching a lot of science shows on TV lately and apparently he had watched something that had a "some scenes may be disturbing" disclaimer on it and he was scared when he went to bed last night.  We had a discussion about what is appropriate to watch so I don't think it will happen again (he watches shows when I run errands so I'm not always aware of what he's watching).  I'm so glad he has such a sweet big sister who didn't mind a bit when he asked if he could sleep in her room.  Some days they argue all day long, but then moments like that happen and it makes me so happy.  After I took these pics I made him read with her and he actually finished a whole book!  That's a pretty big deal for a kid who I usually have to force to read just 2 chapters.    

Enjoying these lazy days while they last!  

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